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A friend-making adventure game about connecting people and emotions.

Welcome to 1bitHeart―the latest title from Alicemare and LiEat developer △○□× (Miwashiba). In this unique and endearing adventure game, take on the role of Nanashi, a lonely, agoraphobic boy, as you solve a slew of mysteries around town while also making friends.

  • Single Player

  • Adventure

  • Steam

  • ENG, JPN



A lonely, young shut-in makes friends

This is the story of a world in which pretty much everything is controlled and watched over by computer programs.
One day, Nanashi―a young boy who has been cooped up in his room―meets a mysterious girl.
“Let’s make some friends.”
Nanashi accepts the young girl’s sudden invitation without giving it much thought.
At that very moment, some very strange things begin to occur in town...

City-Exploring Detective Part

Gather information and topics by exploring several rich, unique towns and speaking with people to progress through the story.


Interactive Conversation Part

In the Conversation Part, you’ll use the topics and info you’ve gathered in the Detective Part to get people to spill information and piece together conversations. Sometimes you’ll need to call them out on their inconsistencies and systematically force the truth out.

Friend-Making Free Mode

After each chapter ends, talk and mingle with the residents of the town, make friends, and play mini games in Free Mode. While it goes without saying that the character art for the quirky and rich cast of characters is all done by Miwashiba, all characters are also fully voiced.


The Amazing Artwork is a Must-See

Pay special attention to the various movies and comic-style scenes featured in the game―all done by illustrator Miwashiba―which serve to infuse Miwashiba’s tale with even more life and color. Immerse yourself in the cute and poppy yet stylish world of 1bitHeart.

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Player Single Player
Genre Adventure
System Steam
Price $ 2.99
Release date 28/Aug/2017